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Josh played Jesse Aaron in the movie Bridge to Terabithia. (

Josh played Shane in the movie Firehouse Dog. (

Josh played Carl Munro in the movie RV. (

Josh played Gabe in the movie Little Manhattan. (

Josh voiced Markl in the movie Howl's Moving Castle. (

Josh voiced Robin in the movie, American Splendor. (

Josh has admitted to having a crush on Angelina Jolie, as well as Jamie Lynn Spears (none other than Britney's kid sister) (

Josh has a boxer dog named Diesel, who reportedly travels around with him a lot. (

Josh has indicated that he would love to work with actor Jake Gyllenhaal someday. Josh has said that he admires how Jake chooses to participate in movies that hold personal significance, not necessarily the "blockbuster" types. That is the kind of career that Josh himself wants to have--selecting good movies and being passionate about every character he plays. (

Although Josh doesn't watch a significant amount of TV, some of his favorite shows include Family Guy and The Andy Milonakis Show. (

Josh competes in triathlons as a hobby, which correlates directly with his character's running talents in the film Bridge to Terabithia. (

Josh received the Young Artists Award for "Leading Young Actor" after a strong performance in the film Zathura. Josh has indicated that filming this movie was the best experience of his life. (

One scene in "Bridge to Terabithia" required Josh's character Jess to angrily push his 6-year-old little sister May Belle to the ground (played by young actress Bailee Madison). Naturally, most scenes have to be filmed more than once, and it is said that Josh felt so badly about having to push Bailee, he always helped her up and hugged her in-between takes. (

It has been said that while filming Bridge to Terabithia, Josh wasn't too thrilled about letting his co-star AnnaSophia Robb win one of the footraces, which was necessary for a specific scene in the movie. Josh is said to be very competitive, and he often challenged AnnaSophia to races during filming. (

Josh says singer JoJo got him interested in hip-hop music. (

One of Josh's favorite Christmas gifts ever was Guitar Hero, which he got for Christmas of 2006. (

He is about to star with Brendan Fraser in the upcoming film "Journey 3D" (

Josh will play Alex in the movie, Journey 3-D. (

Josh has a brother, Connor Hutcherson, who appeared with Josh in Little Manhattan and had a few other small roles. According to Josh, however, Connor does not want to pursue acting at all; he only appeared in the movies he did because he was with his big brother, and it happened to work out. According to Josh, Connor is very smart and "wants to be a rocket scientist or something cool like that." (

Josh has said that when he watches movies, one of his biggest pet peeves is if a character is jerked awake suddenly, and they are automatically wide awake within seconds. There was a scene in Bridge to Terabithia where Josh's character was awakened this way by his father, and because Josh wanted it to be authentic, he deliberately squinted his eyes in such a way that made the situation convincing. Many of Josh's film directors have talked about how he works with the seemingly minor things, like this, to add an extra flair of reality to his characters. (

Josh has said that he developed a strong friendship with Bridge to Terabithia co-star AnnaSophia Robb, and he has also indicated that she is one of his closest celebrity friends. "We still talk on the phone a few times a week," he said in July 2007, nearly two years after filming the movie, and Bridge to Terabithia director Gabor Csupo has agreed that these two kids got along extremely well on set. (

Josh, who is an avid sports fan, loves the Cincinnati Bengals and credits Rudi Johnson as his favorite player. (

While reading the original book and script for Bridge to Terabithia, Josh was initially against being a part of the movie, because he didn't like how the Jess character treated his younger sister May Belle throughout most of the story. Josh felt that the character was being so cruel to a little girl that hadn't even done anything wrong, and this really put Josh off at first. Film director Gabor Csupo said the same thing about Josh, and he expressed that it was a testimony to Josh's talent as an actor that he was able to pull off such an intense scene, even though he didn't necessarily agree with the principle of it. (

In the 2007 film Bridge to Terabithia, there is one scene where Josh's character Jess says to younger sister May Belle, "Don't you dare follow us, or I'll tell Alexandra that you still s*ck your thumb and sleep with Mr. Blankie!" This line actually really upset young actress Bailee Madison (May Belle), who, at the time, still s*cked her thumb and slept with a baby blanket, and she thought that Josh was making fun of her. Josh wasn't aware of this until film producer Lauren Levine told him in the middle of a commentary for the DVD, and Josh felt really bad about it. (

Josh has likened his relationship with his younger brother Connor to the one between Walter and Danny in his film Zathura. Just like his character in that movie, Josh says he and Connor fight all the time, but they are also very close. (

Josh has indicated that he hates traveling long distances by airplane or car, but he has certainly had to do a lot of it for his acting career. For instance, a few days after he arrived in New Zealand to film Bridge to Terabithia, he had to fly back to Toronto, Canada for some last-minute scenes for his movie RV, which hadn't come out in theaters yet. "I don't sleep too good on planes, so I get very bored," he says. "I read scripts or watch movies while I'm just sitting there." (

Josh says that filming Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D was the most physically grueling experience in his acting life, but he enjoyed all the additional stunt work that they got to do. (

At the age of 14, Josh has already worked with an impressive number of big-name actors. His on-screen parents have included Cynthia Nixon, Robin Williams, Robert Duvall, Tim Robbins and Robert Patrick, and he has also played the younger brother of Will Ferrell. (

In previous interviews, Josh has said that his role as Jess Aarons in Bridge to Terabithia "required more acting than his other movies," because the character was so much different from him, and complex. (

Josh has said that if he weren't an actor, he would love to be a football player. "Not very creative, but lots of fun!" he has said. (

In Little Manhattan, Josh, who played Gabe had a romantic relationship with, Charlie Ray, who played Rosemary Telesco in the movie. (

One of the producers of Bridge to Terabithia refers to Josh with terms like "the home-run kid" and "the can't miss kid," going on to say that he is "true to his character in every frame of the movie." (

Josh broke his elbow at 6 or 7 years old, while he was on some monkey bars. Ironically, that's the same summer that he learned how to swim, and he did it with the cast on. (

Josh attended New Haven Elementary School. (

Josh's favorite superhero is Batman. (

Josh used to have blanket called "Yellow Blankie," which he carried around with him everywhere. (

Some of Josh's favorite brands of clothing are Modern Amusement and Ed Hardy. (

Josh's friends call him "J Hutch." (

Before he was an actor, Josh dabbled in the rapping business, but he has said that he'll "stick to acting." (

Josh has referred to young actress Bailee Madison, who is seven years younger than him, as "the most adorable little kid on the face on the Earth." In previous interviews, Josh has also called his Bridge to Terabithia co-star the little sister he doesn't have. "I love her so much; I honestly don't think I've met anyone like her in my whole life," Josh has raved. (

Josh has acknowledged that he feels he is a very bad singer, and he was embarrassed on the few occasions that he had to sing in the movie Bridge to Terabithia (although he was always singing with a group of other kids). (

In the audio commentary for Bridge to Terabithia, Josh expressed his apologies for making the in-school racing scene at the beginning of the film take so long to film. Everyone was trying to work out the timing so AnnaSophia Robb's character Leslie could win the race as scripted, but Josh is so competitive, he kept winning race after race, so it took longer to get the necessary footage. (

It's been said that while filming Little Manhattan, Josh--who was 10 years old at the time--was much more nervous about doing his first on-screen kiss than actress Charlie Ray (who played his love interest) was. When Josh asked the director why he was so nervous and Charlie wasn't, the director smiled and shot Josh with a line that was used often throughout the movie: "Well, it's because girls mature faster than boys!" (

On June 24, 2007, five days after Josh's film Bridge to Terabithia debuted on DVD, it came in at #1 for DVD sales that week. It maintained a high spot for the following week also, at #2. (

Josh's mother Michelle, who originally worked as an emergency response trainer for Delta Airlines, quit the job to homeschool her son and manage his career. Josh's father Chris is a management analyst for the U.S. Environment Protection Agency in Clifton, and one of the reasons the Hutchersons chose not to move out to Hollywood is so that Chris could maintain his career. (

In the commentary that Josh did with co-star AnnaSophia Robb, and film producer Lauren Levine for the film Bridge to Terabithia, he acknowledged that he was not too thrilled with his wardrobe for the movie. Some scenes called for his character to walk around with a sweatshirt tied around his waist, which Josh says made him look like he was wearing a kilt. Josh was also wary about the crown he had to wear in the final scene. "I looked like some sort of monk or something," he has said. (

Josh is a little over one year older than actress AnnaSophia Robb, his friend and co-star from the film Bridge to Terabithia. (

Josh has a girlfriend named Shannon Wada, an aspiring actress who is currently doing some modeling work. It is reported that she often travels with him for his film premieres and other events. Josh does not speak much about this part of his personal life, but on his official website, he has said that he and Shannon are the same age, she is homeschooled, and they met through a friend of Josh's (not on a movie set) (

Well, Jonah is an awesome kid. I have a little brother, so I`m used to hanging out with someone younger than me and how that all works. He was so much fun; it was actually hard to yell at him sometimes in the movie, because he`s such a cool kid

about Josh`s emotional crying scene with Robert Patrick in the film) This scene is, again, amazing because I think we shot it only twice, and both times, those tears coming out of Joshua`s eyes......they`re real teardrops. It`s not like we had to physically put them in there with the drop help, or CGI, or anything. These are his real tears. He really melted into this performance so deeply, that even his mom, on the set, was amazed by his performance. And she was saying, "I just don`t know how he can do this. What was he thinking about?" He did, you know.....such an amazing emotional job on it

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