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During the scene at Johnny G.'s bar in which the brothers are drinking Jack Daniels whiskey, the actors are actually drinking concentrated apple juice. (

The brothers' house was shot in a gritty neighborhood of Hamilton, Ontario, an industrial city near Toronto. It nearly burnt down shortly after shooting finished. (

Garrett Hedlund's tattoos took two hours to apply. (

All of the snow seen in the movie, including the falling snow, is real. (

Sofía Vergara's character was originally written for an Asian girl. (

During the shoot, temperatures never exceeded 24 degrees Fahrenheit. (

Three of the brothers are played by musicians turned actors: Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark), Tyrese Gibson (Tyrese) and André Benjamin (Outkast). Ironically, Garrett Hedlund plays a musician. (

The frozen lake scene was shot on Lake Simcoe, north of Toronto. (

When Jack (Garrett Hedlund) is shot in the legs, Garrett Hedlund actually fell into the telephone pole, hitting his head. After the second take, his head was bleeding. (

The bathroom scene took 2 days to shoot. For 12 hours a day, Mark Wahlberg rested his bare bottom on a cold toilet, Garrett Hedlund stood in a hot shower, and Tyrese Gibson wore nothing but a robe. Mark Wahlberg had to be helped off the toilet at the end of each day, and Garrett Hedlund's skin peeled and pruned. (

For the scene in which Jack is shot, Garrett Hedlund wore more than 10 squibs in his legs. In the final cut, only four are seen going off. (

Almost all of Mark Wahlberg's lines were improvised. Garrett Hedlund had difficulty improvising his lines, so John Singleton and Mark Wahlberg helped him through it. (

Most of the teasing with Jack was improvised by Mark Wahlberg and Garrett Hedlund. (

Ethan Hawke, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck all turned down the part of Bobby. The part eventually went to Mark Wahlberg. Ethan Hawke loved the script but could not commit to it because of scheduling conflicts. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck both said no because they found the script to be "ultra-violent". (

The word "f**k" is used 62 times throughout the movie. (

Based on the Henry Hathaway western The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) starring John Wayne and Dean Martin. (

John Singleton:  makes a cameo, appearing as the goalie during the hockey scene on Thanksgiving. (

For the Mercer House Shootout, there were over 450 squibs rigged throughout the house, all of which resulted in debris and glass falling on the actors. (

In the first draft of the screenplay none of the brothers dies. In the second draft Jack is killed. The screenwriters thought that it would add more of an intense dislike for Victor Sweet and a more emotional state of the rest of the brothers. (

In the original screenplay, Angel carried Sofie upstairs during the shootout, and placed her into a steel tub. John Singleton liked the idea, but it was dropped due to time. (

The rosary Bobby is seen wearing on the lake is Jack's. Jack can been seen wearing it during the shootout. (

The squibs in the Mercer House Shootout were originally meant to be more bloody, but due to a mix up with wire working, they appear tame. (

Larenz Tate turned down the role of Jeremiah. (

Director Cameo: [John Singleton] makes a cameo, appearing as the goalie during the hockey scene on Thanksgiving. (

Pre-production for the film included teaching the four actors how to ice skate for the hockey scenes. Mark Wahlberg and Garrett Hedlund were the only leads that already knew how to skate. (

The shot of the mother being killed was altered. Originally, a big cloud of blood flew out of Evelyn. John Singleton thought that this would be too much for the audience to handle. (

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